Expandable click and collect parcel delivery automation solution. Suitable for delivering 100–1000 parcels per day.

Omnichannel retailers who deliver products quickly and seamlessly, will be winners in the game of creating the best customer experience. Easy and fast in-store click and collect pickup will continue to create customer loyalty and enhance the customer shopping experience even further. CleverFlex is the fastest and most efficient solution to automate in-store click and collect pickup.

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Aka the Pickup Tower – world’s first robotics-based click and collect parcel delivery solution. Designed for delivering 50–200 parcels per day.

In the world of fast-growing e-commerce, omnichannel retailers face many challenges. Among them are questions like how to decrease the costs of click and collect last-mile parcel delivery and how to increase omnichannel shopping experience? Revolutionary PackRobot is the answer to these challenges.

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Parcel locker solution offering last-mile parcel delivery for retail and logistics sectors. Suitable for delivering 20–100 parcels per day.

CleverBox has been designed with e-commerce firmly in mind, from parcel delivery and collection to returns. It features modular column design, providing highly usable flexibility and configuration adjustments. With improved ergonomics and patented drawer slots for small parcels and letters, CleverBox parcel locker allows maximised capacity per square meter.

One of the first entirely smartphone operated smart parcel lockers in the world. Suitable for delivering 1–100 parcels per day.

Taking the traditional parcel locker’s operational display and turning it into a smartphone app enables to decrease the price of the parcel locker to a level never seen before.

We are certain that bringing down the costs of the smart parcel locker solution will create new business models and new services that can be integrated with the SnapLocker solution.

Cleveron's solutions are operated by Cleveron's CleverLand software platform. CleverLand is a cloud-based software, easily integrated with any backend system by Public API protocol.

Cleveron is a full-service partner. We offer full life-cycle support for all our solutions worldwide.

Our support includes remote technical monitoring service to optimize system performance and minimize downtime. The main advantage of remote technical monitoring is that it enables to detect and solve 80% hardware and software related issues from the distance. It means fast problem-solving, low maintenance costs and 99,5% up-time.

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