Click and collect pickup automation solutions for retail and logistics

We are innovation leaders in retail click and collect pickup automation. Our solutions:

  • reduce last-mile delivery costs
  • enhance parcel delivery and return operations
  • improve the omnichannel customer experience


Expandable click and collect parcel delivery automation solution. Suitable for delivering 100–1000 parcels per day.


Aka the Pickup Tower – world’s first robotics-based click and collect parcel delivery solution. Designed for delivering 50–200 parcels per day.


Parcel locker solution offering last-mile parcel delivery for retail and logistics sectors. Suitable for delivering 20–100 parcels per day.


One of the first entirely smartphone operated smart parcel lockers in the world. Suitable for delivering 1–100 parcels per day.

Why Cleveron?

We are a technology company creating and delivering new value from the end user's point of view.

Our drive is to help people save time – a resource that is becoming more and more valuable for everyone, consumers and businesses alike. We are creating the world’s most innovative, robotics-based click and collect parcel delivery solutions to help retail and logistics companies manage their customer's time in an optimal way.

What do our clients and press say about us?

„Cleveron’s Parcel Towers are the latest example of how we’re using new technology to save our customers time and money.“

Neil Drake

Process Manager, toyou Central Operations
„Cleveron’s been a good business partner for us. They’re very flexible, they are able to work fast and they understand our business and the model that we’re trying to get with parcel delivery. And so we want to continue to explore with them the opportunities that exist in the United States and elsewhere.“

JP Suarez

Executive Vice President of Walmart Realty