We invest in the knowledge of future innovators

Knowledge is perhaps the only resource that could never run out of. Cleveron offers the opportunity for young people to acquire education. So maybe they could create new knowledge and find innovative solutions that change the world.

Our scholarship at

University of Tartu

From Autumn 2017, University of Tartu offers two scholarships in the name of Cleveron. We provide monthly support to two students from two programmes – Bachelor’s programme in Computer Studies and Master’s programme in Robotics and Computer Studies. Read about Cleveron scholarships at UT in detail here.

Our scholarship at

Tallinn University of Technology

From Autumn 2017, Tallinn University of Technology offers two scholarships in the name of Cleveron. Scholarships are available for two programmes – Master’s programme in Mechatronics and Master’s programme in Computers and Systems Engineering. Read about Cleveron scholarships at TTÜ in detail here.

We partner with

Estonian Student Satellite Foundation

Cleveron has partnered with the Estonian Student Satellite Foundation, also knows as the bigwig for the ESTCube project, to collaborate on engineering and IT related project. Teams from ESTCube and Cleveron come together twice a year to discuss challenges and bounce ideas at a science and technology seminar.