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Arno Kütt

Arno Kütt
Founder, Chairman of the Board

How did it begin?

It has been a long process of getting where and who we are today. Cleveron started as an online furniture retailer in 2006. Having to tackle with unefficient and monopolistic logistics providers on a daily basis, we saw a great need for a click and collect solution. In 2007, we began developing our own logistics solution and became a competition to the state-owned monopolistic postal and delivery service. We took upon the development of hardware and software for automated parcel terminals.

In 2009, our parcel terminal network based delivery service SmartPOST was declared the Logistics Deed of the Year at the annual domestic logistics conference. Around the same time, we became the largest furniture retailer on the domestic market.

Who are we today?

Today, Cleveron is a fast growing technology company. We are the innovation leader in the sector of robotics based parcel terminals and develop click & collect and last mile delivery solutions for retail and logistics sectors.

Until yesterday, automated parcel terminals like our CleverBox, were the most innovative and efficient click and collect/last mile delivery solution in the world. Today, we have successfully deployed new generation robotics based parcel terminals in several business cases. Robotics based parcel terminals like PackRobot and CleverFlex will entirely change the understanding of efficient high volume parcel delivery as well as user comfort. And there is more to come. Our SnapLocker brings down the price to a level never seen before, so parcel terminals can be affordable and widely used in new business models.

We will change the world. It has already begun.

If you see the need to increase the efficiency of last mile/click & collect parcel delivery, then you are just the right company with whom we would like to develop the most innovative solutions in the world.

What we do?

Product design

Our product development process starts with product design. We see product design more like designing solutions for great user experience than just a great look.

Hardware Engineering

This is teamwork towards constantly finding solutions to various engineering problems by using 3D modelling and testing laboratory.

Software development

IT team brings the robotics based parcel terminals to life and ensures flawless service for the users.

Assembly & Installation

Experienced technicians take care of installation and assembly of the parcel terminals.

Repair & Maintanance

Repair and maintanace specialists ensure daily errorless work of the terminals.


Our machines come with a factory warranty to bring ease of mind for the clients.

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Reio Orasmäe Cleveron Sales Manager

Reio Orasmäe
Sales Manager