CleverFlex: self-learning robotics based parcel terminal

We are proud to present Cleveron CleverFlex – the newest member in our robotics based parcel delivery terminal product family.

CleverFlex is designed for high volume click & collect parcel delivery automation featuring some of the most unique technological functions.

Key advantages

  • Terminal capacity: extendable up to 2000 parcels
  • Max. parcel dimensions: 60 x 40 x 40 cm
  • Usability: indoor
  • Can be integrated into the wall or facade
  • Touchscreen user interface

Flex automated parcel terminal


CleverFlex is extendable. It is possible to add extra modules as well as adjust the height of the terminal. In addition, CleverFlex can be integrated into the wall or facade. The placement of consoles can be changed and the number of consoles is adjustable.

Self learning

CleverFlex is able to predict user activity based on past data and optimize its work flow. For example, CleverFlex is capable of remembering parcel traffic peak times and position parcels to leave shelves around the console empty for these periods.

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