CleverBox: parcel locker with unique XS-drawers

Cleveron CleverBox is a state of the art parcel locker offering automated last mile delivery solution for postal and logistics sectors.

CleverBox has been designed with the support to e-commerce firmly in mind, from parcel delivery and collection to returns. It features modular column design, providing highly usable flexibility and configuration adjustments. With improved ergonomics and patented drawer slots for small parcels and letters, CleverBox parcel locker allows maximised capacity per square meter.

Key advantages:

  • Patented drawers for small parcels and letters
  • Usability: indoor usage
  • Modular column configurations
  • Up to 55 parcels per m2
  • Designed with total cost of ownership in mind
  • The requirements for the users with disabilities are met (2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design and EU Standard EN 301549)
Cleveron parcel locker CleverBox

How does it work?

  1. The courier logs in and inserts parcels
Cleveron parcel locker CleverBox courier

2. The customer gets notified and recieves the pick-up code

Cleveron parcel locker pickup notification

3. The customer inserts or scans the pickup code

Cleveron parcel locker CleverBox

4. The door opens automatically and customer collects the parcel

Cleveron parcel locker CleverBox

Product description

Includes slots

Product code CC XS S M L XL Column type
CC06 + B15.05 L 1 10 2 Console
CC07 + B14.05 L 1 6 2 Console
B05.05 L/R 3 2 1 1 Column
B10.05 L/R 8 3 1 2 Column
B11.05 L/R 12 3 2 Column
B04.05 L/R 3 3 2 Column

Inner dimensions (mm)



Max load (kg)

XS (drawer)

45x360x530 opens 450 5





200x360x620 31,5
L 380x360x620


XL 600x360x620


Console CC06






Console CC07

Readiness to integrate a payment solution










* Choice and supply of components to be agreed upon separately

CleverBox’s modular column system allows to choose the best drawer/door configuration layout.

The locker sizes and placement can be easily changed in working systems by replacing or adding modules with different configurations. The parcel locker is expandable up to 256 columns.

Download CleverBox’s product sheet (pdf) – Download

Operational CleverBoxes
CleverBox networks
Parcels sent via CleverBoxes in February 2017

Services of the solution

CleverBox comes with Cleveron QuickStart software. It is a plug-and-play solution that makes parcel locker functional immediately after installation. Time-consuming software set-up is history.

Touchscreen user interface

Touchscreen is the main tool for user to click-and-collect delivery’s and courier to insert parcels. Out-of-the-box functionality includes:

  • Courier mode
    • Order inserting
    • Order retrieving
    • Can open any slot
    • Can open console door
  • End-user mode
    • Order receive

Cleveron parcel locker CleverBox

Web based office

Web Office is the main tool for the operator to get an overview of the parcels and terminals. Out-of-the-box functionality includes:

  • Overview of the parcel history
  • Receive QR code download
  • Disable any parcel terminal slot
  • Documentation (installation, user manuals etc)

Cleveron plug-and-play software QuickStart

Software customization

You can get a personalized touchscreen user interface to match with your brand. Personalized theme includes:

  • Brand logo
  • Brand specific background pictures or colors
  • Custom text and text style
  • Button locations
  • Multi-language support

For more information, contact us for consultation

CleverBox parcel Locker for Posti

Installation service of  CleverBox parcel terminal is provided by experienced and certified team of technicians.

Installation time

We provide CleverBox’s on-site installation services by experienced and certified team of technicians. Since CleverBox hardware comes in preassembled parts, average installation takes few hours.

Electricity and internet connection

Installation does not include ensuring electricity and internet supply. If the electricity and internet supply has been pre-done, the result of the installation is an operational terminal. You can start inserting parcels immediately.

CleverBox maintenance is divided into two categories: on-site hardware maintenance and remote software maintenance. On the basis of best practices we have developed a standard maintanance processes. However, it is possible to choose maintanance plan that fits your business model best.

Remote monitoring

We offer technical monitoring service to optimize system performance and minimize downtime. Technical monitoring enables to prevent the network and machine related problems long before they become a problem.

We monitor wide range of indicators, from internal humidity level to network traffic. In the process of setting-up your maintenance package, you can choose additional indicators and response system according to your needs.

Standard on-site maintenance set-up

There are several options for on-site maintanance set-up. On regular basis, on-site maintenance is carried out by our certified partner at the destination country. It is also possible that Cleveron provides on-site maintanance training for your maintenance team and thereby you will be able to provide maintenance in-house.

Training is an integral part of the parcel terminal solution implementation. We train and certify personnel, who will be responsible for maintaining the system in your company.

Training center

We offer our clients access to web-based training center with video tutorials and certification tools. We also carry out on-site or factory based hands-on courses for all the parties involved in ensuring hassle-free usage of CleverBox solution.

To ensure successful implementation and utilization results the training package will be compiled according to your business model.

Training courses

Depending on the cooperation following training programs are available:

  • User training
  • Installation
  • Technical on-site maintenance
  • Electrical installation
  • Safety
  • Software and integrations
  • etc

Build trust

When the parcel locker is part of your business model it is important to build trust with end-users and communicate your brand identity. With CleverBox solution it is possible.

Branded outer surface

We offer custom base color, full-wrap and custom wrap following your design.

Branded user interface

We also provide the option to brand user interface on the terminal’s touchscreen.

CleverBox’s factory warranty is 2 years. It is possible to purchase extended factory warranty for up to 10 years.

During the warranty period, Cleveron ensures flawless functionality of hardware according to service level agreement response times.

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