Walmart click and collect solution in the USA

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer operating over 11 000 stores worldwide. Today, Walmart is using our PackRobot as a click & collect solution in USA, solution also known as Walmart Pickup Tower.

How it started?

To provide great customer experience for online shoppers Walmart needed high volume click & collect solution. In Walmart case the click and collect solution had to be suitable for in-store use. The aim was to replace click and collect solution over the counter pick-up.

Our PackRobot was chosen for click & collect parcel delivery solution thanks to its high parcel capacity. But also speed on delivery that locker-type parcel machines and over the counter pickup cannot provide.



Walmart is using 106 standard indoor PackRobots.


Walmart has a custom-made user inteface and we have built-up integration with their backend systems.


  • Remote monitoring by Cleveron
  • Remote maintenance by Bell & Howell
  • On-site maintenance by Bell & Howell


  • Delivered products: PackRobot
  • Total number of terminals: 106
  • Total number of trays: 30 948


One of my personal favorites is our Pickup Tower. Much like a high-tech vending machine for your online orders, this feature in a few of our stores allows you to pick up items in less than a minute.

Mark Ibbotson, Walmart
Mark IbbotsonExecutive Vice President of Central Operations - Walmart U.S.

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Reio Orasmäe Cleveron Sales Manager

Reio Orasmäe
sales manager