Posti Group last mile solution in Finland

Posti Group Corporation (Finnish post) is a postal and logistics company operating parcel locker network in Finland. Posti offers parcel lockers as last mile solution, an alternative delivery points to traditional postal offices.

Posti parcel lockers are located in shopping centers and other public places with long operating hours. For the best consumer experience all SmartPOST parcel lockers are located only indoor. Currently, Posti operates a network of 476 parcel terminals in Finland.

Posti network of CleverBox parcel lockers in Finland

How it started?

In 2010, Posti Group Corporation, i.e. Finnish Post, acquired SmartPOST with the goal to expand the network in Estonia as well as in Finland. Posti was motivated by the need to keep developing their business in order to offer best possible solutions to customers. In addition, Posti needed a more sufficient solution to handle increasing amount of parcels due to the popularity of e-commerce.

Since the acquisition, Posti Group Corporation has expanded SmartPOST in Estonia and Posti in Finland. Posti’s parcel volumes grow annually.



Posti uses the CleverBox solution. CleverBox has 4 sizes of lockers.


Posti has a custom-made software solution with options of sending B2C and C2C parcels and making returns.


  • Remote monitoring – Cleveron
  • Remote maintenance – Cleveron
  • On-site maintenance – Isoworks

Number of terminals
Number of doors
Annual growth in parcel volume, %


By using self-service parcel lockers, Posti has been able to make parcel pickup more flexible and convenient for the customers than competitors. Parcel lockers are seen as the easiest, fastest, most practical and secure mean of last mile delivery. Source

People, who have used parcel lockers

People, who intend to continue to use parcel lockers in the future


  • Delivered products: CleverBox
  • Total number of terminals: 476
  • Total number of doors: 32 670
  • Annual growth in parcel volumes: 39%


Around 70% of our customers tell us they prefer parcel terminals to home delivery and pick-up/drop-off points, so Cleveron’s technology has helped us to provide the ideal solution.
Juha Tiittanen, Posti Corporation
Juha TiittanenVice President of Posti, Parcel Services

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Reio Orasmäe Cleveron Sales Manager

Reio Orasmäe
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